BC Water Polo Association Logo
This logo was designed for BC Water Polo Association as a personal porject. The logo was build based on 2 elements: BC emblem and a water polo ball. The sun light was moved from bottom of the emblem and placed behind the water polo ball to create a sunrise and power up feeling.
BC Fencing Logo
This logo was original designed for BC Fencing Association. The logo itself was composed based on 2 elements: BC emblem and fencing's three weapons include Foil, Epee, and Sabre.
Canadian Association of the Deaf
This personal logo project was created for Canadian Association of the Deaf, also known as "CAD". The reason I redesigned their logo was because the original logo of CAD was complicated and will lose detail in small scale setting such as FB and Twitter's profile image. The new logo itself was designed based on Canadian maple leaf and a universal sign language "hand bird" to expressing the feeling of freedom.
Wildlife Rescue BC
Wildlife Rescue Association of BC is a Vancouver based animal rehabilitation service established in 1979. The logo concept itself was based on an image that two hands gently hold a bird in between. (Personal Project)
Nieh Creative
Nieh Creative is a newly established graphic design studio by Jonathan Nieh. The orange dot and letter “i” combination is simulating a light bulb as an idea sparks into existence. As for the exclamation mark at the end, it produces the energy needed to push the boundaries to achieve more creative logos.
Access Career Consulting Agency
Access is a newly established consulting agency in 2016 that provides information on job opportunities for undergraduate students. The agency provides services such as resume reviews, one-on-one mock interviews, career-advancement seminars, and etc.
Our Social Fabric
Our Social Fabric, (aka OSF), is a Vancouver-based charity group that recycles used movie costume fabric and transforms them into new products such as bags, accessories, and etc. The charity hires local low-income women in hopes of providing more opportunities for them.
Roaming Pass Sim Card Shop
Roaming Pass is a Prepaid SIM card provider based in Taipei, Taiwan. The logo concept was simply placed two sim card diagonally to represent the feeling of communication.
Piraat Umbrella
Rain Story is an umbrella manufacturer and retailer based in Taiwan. Piraat is a logo designed for one of Rain Story’s umbrella series. The logo was designed based on the letter "P" and "R" to create an axe swing action.